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How To’s, Tips and strategies on running a successful website!

Search engine optimization continues to change at a frenetic rate. However, there are a few SEO website design best practices that will stand the test of time and continue to remain at the top of the list. These seven SEO web design strategies will always remain important to both the user and the search engines, […] Continue reading

Science fiction novels and films are filled with artificial intelligence robots trying to take over the world. Recently, Google has announced in 2015, it has used a new machine-learning, artificial intelligence technology to improve its search results. Does it have the capacity to take over the world? It may be artificial intelligence, but it’s far […] Continue reading

Despite the fact that SEO Web Designers has stopped advertising on Thumbtack due to the lack of responsive so-called “high-quality” leads, they still give us the 2015 Thumbtack Award of Best Website Designers in New York (see here). This comes to us as a surprise because in 2015, we only acquired a minuscule number of clients on […] Continue reading

Want to know how to get leads for your business for free and increase sales in 3 easy steps? The best way to generate leads for your business for free is to get found in Google’s local search results. It’s free, easy and it works! Local SEO has become a necessity for local businesses who […] Continue reading

We ranked a whole lot of websites including our own pages for very competitive keyword terms and it was all a direct result of link building. If you are a complete newbie to search engine optimization, then you probably heard that the number one way to rank your website is by getting more backlinks to […] Continue reading

On-page SEO has always been part of our overall SEO strategy, however, what most people do not understand is that having a well-optimized website is not enough to get you targeted keyword rankings. Here’s the hard truth: If it were that easy, then Google would have a hard time deciding whom to place on the […] Continue reading

When choosing a base location for your company, New York City may not always be the first place a new small business would consider (if living outside the city). Mainly because the cost of rent or lease is substantially much higher in NYC than that of other cities. If you’re an established business however, and […] Continue reading

Every visitor you get to your eCommerce website is an opportunity for you to instill trust and make a sale. Here’s an infographic from KissMetrics that draws a road map to building a trustworthy relationship for the life-cycle of your customers. Click the infographic below to enlarge […] Continue reading

Your website design does indeed affect how users will interact with it. Whether you are trying to get more subscribers, more calls, or more buyers, colors are still a determinate factor in your conversions. KissMetrics shares another great infographic on how colors have an impact on conversion rates. And more importantly, how they have a […] Continue reading

This is a continuation of our previous post regarding How Do Website Colors Effect Purchases as this time we take a look at an infographic by KissMetrics that gets into greater details of the psychology behind colors and how it affects consumer behavior […] Continue reading

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Not all SEO companies serve you equally, so don’t limit yourself to a local web design SEO firm. Sometimes if you want the best, then you need to break-out your local comfort-zone. Although headquartered in New York City, we provide the same outstanding service nationally.

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