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Responsive Design

50% of Online Searches Comes from Mobile. If your website is not mobile responsive, then half your website visits are finding your competitors instead. SEO Web Designers helps you take full advantage of mobile searches by accurately presenting your website across all smartphones and tablet devices.

We use what’s called “Responsive Design” which uses the same web site URL for mobile and smart devices users. That way, you are not directing your search traffic to a separate mobile app. Search engines like Google also prefer responsive design because it avoids duplicating your content on two separate domains or URL. Additionally, content that resides on a single site is easier to manage than managing the same content on two identical pages.

Responsive Design

From Code To Usability, We Apply SEO Best Practices Into Every Detail

Search Engine Optimized

SEO Web Design is the process of optimizing and enhancing your website to help expand search engine visibility and user-experience. Search engines scan your web pages and use over 500 ranking signals to determine how you will rank. If you are expecting to have a great business presence online, then website SEO is a must!

SEO Web Designers combines SEO and web design best practices with precise and full attention to detail. No other web design company in the world comes close to the level of optimization techniques that we implement on our client’s sites.

A Sample of Some Latest Work

International Non Profit
Academic Institute
Holistic Clinic
Cancer Medical Center
Online Store
Global Truck Manufacturer
603 Threads
Access Of WNY

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No need to hire a separate SEO company to optimize your web pages. SEO Web Designers takes all the guess work out and automatically delivers the best of both worlds in a single service. Additionally, our process includes hundreds of features and best practices that are simply too long to explain here. Here is just a few of them…


Never feel left out! We stick with you even after your project is complete. Having technical issues or simple questions? No problem, contact us anytime of the week, and we will get back to you and address your concerns.


We use highly effective¬†page structures and friendly URL’s that search engines crave. Our methods help you provide a smooth user experience, usability and an overall better indexing in Google.


There is no point implementing SEO if you can’t convert your search traffic into sales, that’s why we never hold back in visual appeal. Although we place major importance and focus on your website SEO, we do so while creating stunning designs to perfection.


Our design experts use coding and security best practices to ensure that your site is fully secure and loads fast. Our development process is W3C compliant and undergoes frequent security audits. Our services guarantee a level of quality that is often never found with other companies