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Website Maintenance Services

Monthly Website Maintenance is a must have service that you probably never thought about but are in fact vital to any successful online presence. Your investment, time and effort in getting a custom website design can vanish in an instant if you don’t have the right protective measures in place. offers a complete line of website maintenance services all under one monthly payment plan so you can focus on building your business and worry-less about having your website up-to-date and secured. Additionally, we offer you the convenience of paying just one monthly flat rate fee for everything you need instead of scattering around for multiple third party services that can exhaust your budget. Here is a list of everything that is automatically included in our monthly maintenance service:

  • Complete CMS updates on a constant basis (never worry about being updated & current with the web)
  • Daily Database Backups (never run the risk of losing your website to a server crash or hackers)
  • 24/7 Website Security (includes numerous database security tweaks & virus scanning)
  • CDN – Content Delivery Network (loads your site from various servers across the globe to make sure it loads fast and steady)
  • Technical Support (assuming we had to restore your website back online due to any irreversible circumstances that occurred)

Just One Simple Price $249.95/month

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Website Maintenance Features

Web-Development-80Content Management System(CMS) Updates:

Our job does not end with the completion of your website. We are constantly developing, improving and updating our “Elite Content Management System” along with all the features that comes with your back-end site. Furthermore, the web is constantly evolving, and something as simple as a web form can suddenly malfunction if not updated on-time to work with the latest web browser versions. is constantly working to keep your CMS fully functional and current with the web. As part of your monthly website maintenance service, will get into your CMS database and update it with every new release.

Web-Hosting-80Daily Database Backups:

Don’t let your money, time and effort go to waste by losing your entire website to a server crash or a malicious hacker. We create daily complete database backups of your entire website (internally & externally) and store them on a secure server. If in case your website was robbed by a hacker or encountered a server crash, we restore your entire website to the same stage it was when the last backup was made.

Private-Network-80Elite Website Security:

Website hacking is becoming more and more common in our online community that even major brands at times fall vulnerable to hackers despite of their sophisticated security measures. And although already takes security measures when initially developing your website to avoid basic attacks, we make no warrant or claims that you will not get hacked. However, by providing a complex security system as part of your monthly maintenance plan, we ensure a bullet proof website that will be almost impossible to penetrate. We will monitor and scan your website 24/7 for any viruses or file changes and make additional security tweaks inside your core database files that will build a secure wall between your site and any hackers. Despite of which, we still cannot guarantee that your website will be 100% hack proof, but we can guarantee that your overall website security will increase dramatically, making it at least 99% hack proof.

As a side note, there is no such thing as a 100% hack proof site. Hackers have been known to even hack and retrieve data from entire government systems which contain the highest level of security. Read about it here.

Cloud-Computing-80Content Delivery Network (CDN):

A Content Delivery Network is a very large and complex distribution network of servers deployed in multiple database centers across the globe. The primary goal of a CDN is to serve the end-users of a website with a faster performing web page, making content load at incredible speeds and at high availability, as opposed to a basic web hosting solution on a single server in one location, where end-users may experience a slow loading time especially if the end-user is accessing the site far from the hosting location.

Technical-Support-80Technical Support:

Having technical issues with your CMS? Did your website get hacked? Did your site suddenly go offline? Are you receiving some type of error? No worries, we have a prompt technical support team that will get to the bottom of your issues, all as part of your monthly maintenance plan. You will receive exclusive access to our dedicated support system.

Just One Simple Price $249.95/month

Contact us to get started.

Local Everywhere

Not all SEO companies serve you equally, so don’t limit yourself to a local web design SEO firm. Sometimes if you want the best, then you need to break-out your local comfort-zone. Although headquartered in New York City, we provide the same outstanding service nationally.

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