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3 Ways to Generate Local Leads for Free

Want to know how to get leads for your business for free and increase sales in 3 easy steps?

How to generate new leads

The best way to generate leads for your business for free is to get found in Google’s local search results. It’s free, easy and it works!

Local SEO has become a necessity for local businesses who seek to succeed in their market and beat the competition. Those who cannot be found in the local search results, both in desktop and mobile, are on a steep slope to ruin.

Bill Gates was not kidding when he said:

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” — Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Times have changed, and people look for all they need online, either from the comfort of their homes or on the go while using their mobile devices. There is no doubt that local SEO is one of the most important ways to market your business.

For instance, if you own a restaurant and you have no local presence whatsoever, your only clients will be locals who pass by and need a quick place to eat. However, you would miss on all of those precious online searches and maybe even tourists that visit your local town, and we all know that everyone today prefers to find a restaurant online.

The same is true regardless what market you’re in – whether it’s a big as real estate company or a small barber shop. You either get found or your competitors will!

Getting found online and getting leads:

The standards for small businesses is constantly evolving, and the default method for consumers for choosing a local company to work with is first to find it online, browse their website, and read any reviews.

To put it in perspective…

The correlation between consumer expectations and modern day technology to meet consumer demands has increased the standards of what a business needs to be doing to stand out from the massive crowd. If you choose to take advantage of the technology that is available to you for free, then you will make a whole heap of difference in your online visibility.

1. Google My Business:

Google My Business is one of the best tools you can use to get found in local searches. Previously known under the name of Google Places and Google Maps, this updated version of the well-famed tool lets you become visible to customers in your area. The newly innovative technology available with Google’s local pages for business can make your brand shine with ease, establishing you as an authority in your customers eyes.

Local search
Google My Business helps you give your customers the right info at the right time as they search for it. Whether it is a phone number, a website, a gallery, an email address or driving directions to your brick-and-mortar location, you are presented with everything you need to show-off your company and attract customers.

Here are just some things you can do with Google+ local pages:

  • Add a virtual tour of your business and surprise your leads with beautiful pictures of your company’s interior. Virtual tours enhance your profile and influences your leads into the buying cycle.
  • Update your company info: You can add and update your business info from one place to make it easy for your customers to find you either in the Map results, Google+ and in the regular organic search results.
  • Connect with your prospects: You can easily share events, news, product launches and special deals directly on your Google+ page and connect with your prospects at a deeper level.
  • Enjoy unlimited reviews: You can receive reviews from real people, and you can also respond to these reviews. The more reviews you have, the more confidence people will get in your brand.
  • Better understand your target niche: Using Google+ enables you to gain precious insights on how your customers think and act using their analytics platform.
  • Stay connected while on the go: You can manage your profile while on the go using the Android and iOS apps.

How to Get Found in Local Search Above your Competitors

Enough being said about what you can do with Google My Business, let’s now see how we can boost our chances of being found in local search above your competitors.

To make the most out of Google my Business, here’s what you need to do:

Optimize your Google+ profile: Google puts an enormous emphasis on the details you add to your profile. Other than the purpose of adding your business info, optimizing your business info also helps you increase your chances of ranking. However, that alone is not enough.
Keep your business information up to date: Without a doubt, it is crucial to ensure that your business information on all local directories and citation sites is exactly as it appears on your Google+ page. Google punishes inaccurate and duplicate listings. Moreover, clients offer negative feedback to companies that have outdated information. Keep your business information current. Otherwise, your chances of getting found in Google is slim.
Build citations on local directories: To really take your business listing on overdrive and start ranking, create as many directories as possible in order to become more prominent in Google’s eyes. The more citations you have that match the exact business info on your Google listing, the better chances you have for outranking your competitors and eventually get to the top.
Video marketing: video advertising is considered the best method to get customers’ attention. You should start creating short videos about your company or about the services you offer. List these videos on your Google + profile and post it on all your social profiles. You will soon notice a new, constant flow of traffic to your site.
Talk to your customers: Lastly, to make the most out of what Google My Business has to offer, you need to start interacting with your clients. Use the all-in-one dashboard to ask questions, respond to reviews, provide solutions and share new content.

2. Blogging:

According to a study conducted by HubSpot on lead generating, local businesses that blog on a regular basis experience up to 69% more leads over their competition. In another study, they found that blogging leads to 55% more website traffic. Moreover, 93% of companies that were blogging all experienced an increase in leads and sales.

So based on facts, the more you blog, the higher the chances to become visible in the search results.

When blogging, the most important aspect you need to take into consideration is developing high-quality unique content. The easiest way to come up with great, insightful ideas is to provide expert tips based on your profession. For instance, if you run plumbing company, you can provide unique tips using YouTube videos on how to install a faucet and then embed those videos on your blog. Your local readers will feel more obliged to come to you to fix their problem.

3. Opt-in Forms and Pop-ups:

This method can double and even triple your sales without ever increasing website traffic. The majority of the leads that come to your site will bounce away and will probably never return.

You can greatly increase your sales by putting a system in place that captures your traffic using a subscribe; opt-in form, and/or a popup where you give away something for free. For instance, offer a free eBook, a free video or some amazing tips to convince them to join your mailing list. Once they are in, you can give discounts and special deals later and have them return as customers.

Local SEO is imperative for your success, if you are not going to be found, then your competitors will. Make the most out of the tips listed above and get more leads by leveraging the real power of local search marketing.

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