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An OMG Exclusive:


300 OMG-style Social Fortress Sites More Powerful than KnowEm, that Will Give you the SEO Advantage Over your Competitors


Imagine Combining Powerhouse Authority Sites + Reverse Sink Or Swim + Link Wrapping + NAP = Your SEO Edge

**NOTE: Link wrapping and NAP is optional.


Nope! Your NOT imagining things…this is a glimpse of the actual sites we get links from…OUR LIST IS SIMPLY MORE POWERFUL THAN KNOWEM or any other service!

Top Social Media Sites

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need This:


REASON #1 – By an OMG’er, for OMG’ers

This is the only social fortress service on the web that strictly follows OMG training!!


REASON #2 – Benefit in multiple ways

You have the opportunity to combine a “POWERHOUSE”  of top authority sites with REVERSE SINK OR SWIM + LINK WRAPPING + NAP consistency!!


REASON #3 – Unmatched by any other service

I simply needed things done the OMG way! But other than that, I tested 1,000+ sites, including KnowEm’s very own list, and I come to realize that not every single social site actually has a hyper link to your money site, and even worst, many profiles get deleted after some time. We on the other hand focus on sites that lasted the test of time and will rarely get deleted later on. Long term results will always win!

REASON #4 – Guaranteed Links

Every single profile of the 300 is GUARANTEED to include an actual “CLICKABLE HYPER LINK” to your website, NO EXCEPTIONS!!


REASON #5 – Safe!



REASON #6 – Affordable

When compared to a service like KnowEm (which charges $649), our list is more powerful, yet more affordable!!


REASON #7 – Fix over-optimized anchors & Maintain Natural Links

Have you ever been so stuck on the second or third page and simply can’t seem to break through? Sometimes it’s a simple matter of adding “MORE” branded/URL anchors to your link profile. I tested this over and over again and it simply works (if over-optimization is the issue).


REASON #8 – You don’t have to pull your hair out

You don’t have to spend 1+ years testings all possible sites and training a team, I already did that 😉 (trust me it’s not as easy as you think…I went through so many hires/fires before finally getting this team together).


REASON #9 – Confidentiality & NDA

My entire team has signed an NDA to never solicit, disclose or use any information provided to them in any way, shape or form outside for what is needed for this service. My team knows, the second one of them breach the NDA in anyway, they will be out of work PERMANENTLY!! And just FYI, they are overseas, and the only thing they know about SEO is what I trained them to do, so the chances of that even happening is none…they simply want to work, not steal clients!


REASON #10 – You will have links your competitors don’t

The sub-title says it all!

FAQ – Kindly read 🙂

  • What is the estimated time frame?

    It takes up to 6 full days of non-stop manual labor before completing 300 social fortress sites…but gladly I have quite a few people on my team working simultaneously. Despite of all this however, you MUST allow 2 – 3 weeks before completion time due to higher volumes. I will serve each person on a first come first serve basis.

  • Are these citation sites?

    No. We DO NOT EVER use any citation sites because of two main reasons: 1.) It will cause duplicate issues with those who already have citations. And 2.) Not everyone is using this for a local business. Some people use it for affiliate, ecommerce, Amazon product pages, etc.

  • Will this work for any type of site?

    Yes absolutely! Local clients, lead gen, affiliate, ecommerce, etc.

  • Will there be duplicate issues if I already have some of the same social profiles?

    Absolutely NOT! Having a second profile from the same social site does not hurt you. You only need to worry about duplicate citations, which we do not use. I never advise something that I don’t do myself!

  • Will an Excel sheet be provided with login details?


  • Can I use a domain email account?

    Yes! We can use a domain email account upon request but please dedicate an email specifically for your social profiles because 1.) My team needs to login to verify the confirmation emails. and 2.) These confirmation emails will be hitting the inbox very heavily. Lastly, please only provide the specific login portal for the email only, DO NOT provide whole account logins such as your Godaddy account, Google Apps, etc.

  • Do I have to provide the Primary socials for the Link Wrappers?

    Yes, these must be provided from the get-go. These normally include your top primary social profiles such as FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, G+ map url, etc. Don’t be lazy. 😛

  • Do you also make the primary socials? (FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube)

    No. It is not in your best interest for us to create these specific profiles because they require personal verified profiles first. Refer to Stephen Floyd’s training.

  • Can I use this for any country?

    Yes sir/ma’am! 😀

  • IMPORTANT: Can I use this for any niche?

    Niches we do NOT accept are: Adult/XXX, Gambling, Streaming Video Sites, Coupon Sites, Payday or Short Term Loans, Online Pharmaceuticals, Recreational and Medical Marijuana, Alcohol Drinks (including wine), Insurance Companies and Insurance Related Services, Debt collection agencies, Banks, Mortgage, Stock Recommendations, Work From Home, Electronic Cigarettes / Vaporizers, Green Coffee Beans, Raspberry Ketone, Garnicia Gambogia, Fad Weight Loss Products, Court Cases, Any PR that defames or otherwise attacks a 3rd party, and anything deemed illegitimate, spammy or scammy. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Only 0.99 cents per Guaranteed Link!


Want to use Paypal instead? Click Here for the Paypal Form.


PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT SHARE THIS SERVICE WITH ANYONE. THIS IS LIMITED TO OMG’ERS ONLY. I will refund anyone whom I believe is not a member, and will block their IP. This is simply NOT for the public.